Unlocked 2017 potrzebuję pomocy przy paru zdaniach

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Unlocked 2017 potrzebuję pomocy przy paru zdaniach

Post autor: aneta0025 » 31 sie 2017, 23:51

1) They sent Immigration round.
2) How are the salt mines treating you?
3) Trust-fund jihadi of Bloomfield Hills.
4) You don't have the network you're used to. Community embed posts in allied countries are dead zones.
5) Not getting the credit.
6) Always comes down to tradecraft, doesn't it?
7) Beware of the short-notice gigs.
8) Quite like to have had your back.
9) Quick Recce and Scoot. In and out, that's the job. (Recce i Scoot to nazwiska)
10) I am definitely earning my keep today.
11) It will last between lab and host, which puts in play our worst fear, aerosolised distribution.
12) By the time we could scramble one together...
13) Once the surprise wears off, that will never wear off.
14) And whenever it matters... You sink that three-pointer.
15) Even if it takes going the extra distance.
16) Washington will appreciate its staggering lack of preparation.
17) You're talking about medical marital law.
18) Lasch's car pinged a traffic camera.
19) Mercer will pull the plug.

Nie mam zielonego pojęcia jak to wszystko przetłumaczyć.
Z góry dziękuję za pomoc. :)

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